M&M Costumes and Shirts

Have you ever wondered what type of M&M you would be? Each of our beloved M&M’s have their own unique personalities. Now you can be the M&M of your choice by wearing one of these fun M&M costume face t-shirts and tank top dresses.

What type of M&M are you?

ORANGE: The orange M&M is always scared of being eaten because he thinks that he’s the tastiest flavor of the lot. As many fans of M&M’s know, the orange M&M is often associated with being the face of the advertising of the pretzel M&Ms. Can’t you see how scared he is on our t-shirt for him? He thinks that everyone is after him. All of our M&M costume face t-shirts are officially licensed.

RED: Just like our red M&M t-shirt, the actual red M&M character believes that he possesses obvious leadership abilities. His best friend is the yellow M&M and he has a genius I.Q. The red M&M thinks he knows more than you do and he is often thought of as being a character that can turn a simple task into a very complicated chore. Our red M&M costume face t-shirt is perfect for those that think their know-it-alls.

YELLOW: Wearing our yellow M&M t-shirt will make you the most likable person in your office. The yellow M&M is very much in touch with his inner child, and he sees the good in everything. The yellow M&M likes pretty ladies and fluffy things. By wearing our awesome yellow M&M t-shirt you too could be a hit with the ladies.

BLUE: Go Blue with our cool blue M&M t-shirt. The blue M&M is obsessed with staying fit. He likes exercising and he loves moonlit nights, jazz music and the ladies of course. To say that the blue M&M emanates confidence would be a understatement. He’s the blue crunchy snack that the ladies go crazy for. Be like the blue M&M when you wear our cool blue M&M costume face t-shirt, and remember that all of our M&M t-shirts are officially licensed.

MS. GREEN: A newer character in the M&M universe, Ms. Green was the only female M&M until 2012, when M&M’s included the sexy Ms. Brown into each M&M package. Our Ms. Green M&M t-shirt is perfect for the lady fans of M&M’s. Not only does our green M&M t-shirt make you feel like one of the guys, it also brings out the lady in you as only M&M’s can.

M&M costume face tank top dresses.   All of our M&M costume face tank dresses are officially licensed and come in the following colors:   Red M&M face tank costume dress, Yellow M&M costume face tank top dress, Green M&M costume tank top dress, Blue M&M costume face dress, and Orange M&M costume tank dress.


5 Responses to M&M Costumes and Shirts

  1. Tammy Hugley says:

    Love the tank dresses, sexy!!

  2. Jamie Mogg says:

    I bought the M&M tank dress and everyone wanted to eat me up ;)

  3. Carlos says:

    NICE T SHIRTS! dresses to expect though. haha :P

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