Fun Halloween Ideas with M&Ms Candy

Halloween is a candy lover’s favorite time of year and it just wouldn’t be the same without M&Ms candy. Whether you’re passing out M&Ms to the kids who are Trick-or-Treating or dressing up like your favorite M&M mascot, it’s the best holiday for appreciating these milk chocolate morsels. Here are just a few ways to use M&Ms to get you into the holiday mood.M & M Halloween

Candy Corn M&Ms

This year a new version of M&Ms hit the store shelves in a distinctly Halloween flavor. Candy Corn M&Ms use white chocolate instead of milk chocolate to recreate the sweet, sugary taste of candy corn. The candies are coated in white, orange and yellow shells to give them that classic candy corn look. Although they go great by themselves, add them to a dish of actual candy corn, mix them into a party mix or pair them with milk chocolate M&Ms to create different flavor profiles.

Decorating with M&Ms

Who doesn’t love the sight of a filled candy dish, especially around Halloween? The aforementioned Candy Corn M&Ms, classic orange-and-black Halloween M&Ms or the special edition fall colored M&Ms are a great way to bring the colors of autumn into your home. Use a clear glass jar and stack different autumn themed candies together to create a dazzling display.

M&M Halloween Treats

Halloween themed M&Ms make the perfect addition to any sweet treat for a party or gathering. Create monster themed cupcakes and use different colored M&Ms for the eyes. Instead of rolling caramel apples in peanuts when the caramel is still hot, try autumn colored M&Ms for a dazzling, decorative and decadent treat. Use Halloween M&Ms in your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe to give them a more festive look.

M&Ms Pumpkin Ideas

If you don’t want to do the standard Jack-O-Lantern face on your pumpkins this year, try an M&M themed design. Carve the stylized “M” into a round or oval shaped pumpkin to make it look like a glowing orange M&M candy. Print out pictures of your favorite M&Ms mascot from your computer to use as a template for a cartoony candy pumpkin. You could even use the candies themselves as decorating tools. Glue M&Ms and other candies to your pumpkin to create a mosaic picture effect instead of carving.

M&M Costume Ideas

Why not show off your love of M&Ms by dressing like your favorite M&M mascot? There are tons of mascot costumes out there, from your standard cartoon outfit to sexy versions for adults. You can even choose to be a bag of M&Ms in an outfit that looks like the packaging instead of the actual candy. If you want something easy you can make yourself, just dress all in the same color and add a white colored “M” to your torso to be a stylish M&M. The candy themselves can be used as part of your costume—for example, you could stick red M&Ms on your face and dress like a kid with the chicken pox..

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