Meet the Elusive Brown M&M

The color brown has been a mainstay in M&M candy since the invention of the product in 1941, but that hasn’t helped it from being the most underrepresented color of the bunch. In fact, the brown M&Ms are so unappreciated that the rock band Van Halen infamously refused to perform if they did not have a bowl of M&Ms in their dressing room with all the brown candies removed.

Meet Ms. Brown

However, the time has finally come for the brown M&M to finally get some respect. The M&M candy company recently revealed their latest brown colored “spokescandy” named Ms. Brown. Ms. Brown is the second female M&M mascot and is portrayed as the confident and intelligent leader of the pack.

There’s a good reason why you might think that Ms. Brown sounds familiar—she’s voiced ms brown2by actress and former Ms. America, Vanessa Williams. Williams is best known for her roles in Soul Food, Ugly Betty and Desperate Housewives. Williams is also an accomplished pop singer, so it’s possible we might be listening to the first hit song recorded by an M&M candy in the near future.

Chief Chocolate Officer

The addition of Ms. Brown to the cast makes the M&M candy family complete—but you might be wondering just what she’s supposed to represent. Party-loving Red and Yellow have been there from the start, representing the Milk Chocolate and Peanut M&Ms brands respectively. Blue is the cool, laid-back one that represents Almond M&Ms, while the neuroticOrangerecently became the mascot for Pretzel M&Ms. Green the first female, representing Peanut Butter M&Ms.

There’s a reason the rest of the candies call her “Ms.” Brown—she’s been given the title of Chief Chocolate Officer, which makes her the candy in charge of everything. As CCO, Ms. Brown represents the chocolate portion of any given M&M candy and thus is a company-wide mascot that stands for the entire brand. She’s been dubbed “The original milk chocolate” and is being toted as the one who has been in charge behind the scenes over the last 70 years of M&Ms candy.

The Future for Ms. Brown

Responses to Ms. Brown have been overwhelmingly positive, with many fans pleased to see a female mascot that is more business savvy than sex appeal. Her debut Super Bowl commercial went on to win the YouTube Ad Blitz Award for Favorite Commercial, ensuring plenty more to come. Ms. Brown is also set up with her own Twitter account and has appeared on everything from The Celebrity Apprentice to NASCAR races. The future looks bright for Ms. Brown and fans can expect to see her as the face of M&M candy for years to come.

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